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Below is an extract from USAWOA Manual 200-2, dated 5 July 2014.


SECTION 1. PURPOSE: To actively support the USAWOA in services, goals and information. To be a separate, but parallel organization, capable of standing alone, as such, or working with a local USAWOA Chapter.

SECTION 2. GOVERNING POLICIES: The National WOAUX shall be governed by the USAWOA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. It may adopt Bylaws governing its internal organization and operations providing the Bylaws do not conflict with those of the USAWOA. The National WOAUX Bylaws shall be ratified by the National USAWOA BOD. Local WOAUX Chapters may adopt local Bylaws governing internal organization and operation of the Chapter, subject to ratification by the governing body of the local USAWOA Chapter, if one exists. It shall continue to be a local Chapter business until such time that the WOAUX is an approved National organization. If no local USAWOA Chapter exists, then ratification shall be by the National Board of Directors, upon recommendation of the National WOAUX Steering Committee, which shall be appointed as needed.

SECTION 3. MEMBERSHIP: Eligibility for National WOAUX membership shall be extended to spouses or widows/widowers of Warrant Officers serving or who have served honorably in the United States Army, National Guard or Reserves. Granting of Associate Membership shall be extended by the local WOAUX Chapter to spouses, widows and/or widowers not otherwise eligible for membership, but who have objectives in accordance with those of the National USAWOA/WOAUX and who have demonstrated dedication to same.

SECTION 4. VOTING AND OFFICE ELIGIBILITY: National WOAUX members shall have the right to vote and hold office in the national WOAUX. Associate WOAUX members shall have the same rights and privileges in WOAUX as a USAWOA Associate Member has in the USAWOA (see BYLAW III, SECTION 2 b). WOAUX dues structure shall be determined by the National WOAUX membership. BYLAW XI - RULES OF ORDER: The rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order, current edition, shall govern this Association in all cases where applicable and where not inconsistent with the Bylaws of this Association.

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